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What is HypnoBirthing?

Upcoming Class Schedule:

The next Small Group Class is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, July 1 from 6:30-9 pm.

We will meet virtually, weekly on Mondays through Monday, July 29, 2024. 

Taught in Farmington

The next group class is tentatively scheduled to run Monday, September 9 through October, 7 Private Classes: Please fill out the contact form below


To Register For An Upcoming Class, please fill out the form found HERE

HypnoBirthing® is an inclusive childbirth technique that views birth as a healthy, normal, and natural part of life, rather than a medical event.


When fear and tension aren’t the focus during labor, a birthing body is uniquely and perfectly designed to birth safely, calmly, and even comfortably.


HypnoBirthing replaces the myths and fears that lead to anxiety and negative expectations about the process of normal childbirth with deep relaxation, positive birthing affirmations and visualizations of the wonderful experience birthing a baby can be.


Expectant individuals learn to follow their own natural instincts to allow their bodies to birth easily and more effectively–the way their bodies were designed to give birth.

Why Choose HypnoBirthing?

It provides accurate information about birth and pregnancy, focusing on the body’s ability to birth securely and contentedly.


It emphasizes easy and effective relaxation techniques that allow birthing people to birth as their bodies were designed to: without distress. HypnoBirthing does not promise a birth that is completely pain-free but HypnoBirthing parents report less discomfort and pain than non-HypnoBirthing parents.


HypnoBirthing skills allow you to stay calm and focused should your birthing take an unexpected turn.


It greatly reduces the need for interventions like pitocin, anesthesia, and surgical birth as well as leading to shorter, easier labors with fewer complications.


It focuses on visualization techniques to help you create the best possible outcome for you and your baby; additionally, visualizations help to release fears that lead to anxiety, discomfort, and tension.


HypnoBirthing accentuates the importance of the intimate, quiet atmosphere that is most conducive to a gentle birth experience. Birthing people utilizing HypnoBirthing are both profoundly relaxed and entirely aware during birth.

Why Choose Insight Birthing Services?

*Intimate, personalized classes of 5 or fewer birthing couples per series*

*Support via text, email, and phone, before and after class series is complete*

*Taught by an experienced HypnoBirthing mom with over 10 years of teaching experience*

*Flexible scheduling*


Group Classes

$295.00 per birthing person & 1 birth companion



Private Classes: 

$500 per couple for Zoom/Distance classes

$650 (plus travel fees if applicable ) for in person private classes

Can’t make the group class and want classes in the convenience of your own home? Connect with us below for more information about Private Classes. 

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