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Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung belly binding has been done for centuries in Malaysian culture, to help postpartum women recover more quickly, and to support the pelvis, hips, and abdomen as everything moves back into place post birth. Traditionally, women bind for 40 days postpartum.

Your bind is one continuous piece of cotton fabric, about 15-18 yards long, beautifully dyed in the color of your choice. This makes your bind completely customizable to your changing shape, while offering excellent support.

Women report the following benefits from Bengkung Belly Binding:

  • Helps in repairing abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

  • Speeds up postpartum bleeding and flushing of any remaining blood clots

  • Improves posture and can help eliminate "nursing slouch"

  • Helps in slimming the hips, belly, and rib cage

1 Day Bengkung Belly Bind (Most Popular) -$180

2 Day Bengkung Belly Bind- $220

3 Day Bengkung Belly Bind- $260

5 Day Benkung Belly Bind- $340

Bengkung Bind (Dyed or left white) Only- $65 plus shipping & handling

All packages include your belly bind, a warming/soothing essential oil blend or belly salve (if desired), and instruction on binding for future wearing. 

Please order by 38 weeks so I have time to make your custom bind. Your deposit goes toward the total cost of your bind. You can fill out the order form HERE.

**Doula Clients Receive $50 off their desired binding package**

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