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Doula Services


A doula is a professional labor support person who assists the expectant person and their partner to prepare for birth.  She offers education as well as physical comfort and emotional support during labor and birth.  A doula helps a birthing family know what to expect and to be aware of the many choices and options available to them.   A doula helps a birthing person to achieve a positive, even empowering, birth experience.  She offers support and guidance to the birth partner as well—promoting the bonding and growth of each parent as they adapt to their new parenting roles.  Doulas work for the birthing family in the setting they feel most comfortable birthing in, whether that be hospital, home, or birth center.

Rebozo for comfort during labor

What is included:

  • Two 90-minute prenatal appointments with your doula. This is where we talk about your goals and dreams for your upcoming birth and how to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally 

  • Unlimited phone, email, and text support as you prepare for the birth of your baby 

  • On-call status starting at 38 weeks until you give birth 

  • Continuous labor support as needed once you need extra support until an hour or two postpartum 

  • Access to a knowledgeable and reliable backup doula 

  • One postpartum visit after the birth of your baby

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